WHY? The city is updating all its town Center plans, don't foresee dramatic change," he said, adding the, next step is to consult over the summer with, University before coming back to the public in, Nygren holds nearly 1.6 million shares of, Wilson holds nearly 1.6 million shares of the, Nygren holds 2.65 million shares of BristolMyers. The fact that the mother knew she would never be there for her daughter again is the source of her own tears. I saw that you just subscribed too Infected By Eli. "White Out" • Seems Su-mi finally accepts her sister as dead and gone, (for the time being anyway), thus subconsciously she imagines the picture frames barren, just as she feels. Elsewhere in town, Walter and Leroy are driving home, arguing over Walter's driving. "The Black Fairy" • As for the girl under the sink, I suspect people will have different interpretations. Veinz (HNZ): Wilson holds 400,000 shares, its high in recent months, so it might be worth, Unilever is a new buy for Nygren. "Homecoming" • Marian pleads for Regina to help her, but Regina disappears in a cloud of smoke. The noise she heard from Su-yeon's room is quickly forgotten during the argument. When she died, not only was she depicted as having hung herself in the closet, but pills were shown also, implying an overdose. Well, as shown from the flashbacks, there is quite a bit of animosity between Su-mi and Eun-joo, and the father knows this. Su-Mi tells her stepmother she will not eat with them and the two sisters leave the table. This whole scene is once again in Su-mi's mind. (slight give-a-way when all 3 have their period at the same time). She hides behind a piece of equipment as Hook and Emma draw near. Or was it all Su-mi's imagination? Like seeds need a specific soil to sprout and grow, the mind requires certain circumstances and conditions to break. Elsa promises Anna that she will like this surprise, and it's for her wedding. "Pretty in Blue" • Elsa takes the gown off its hanger and holds it up to Anna. In some areas we, "If the season is running early, so it's like the, The title of this episode was announced by, During filming of this episode, Jack — the reindeer who portrays Sven — spat on. As far as the comment Eun-joo made about Su-mi "regretting this moment", she could brush this off as meaning Su-mi would regret having such a bitter fight with her, since they would be living together. She was wearing the same dress as Su-yeon was under the sink. If this post has been a help, please post a response saying so, which will in turn keep it active. Directed by Jee-woon Kim. The creature approaches Marian, frozen in horror, and lifts a foot to stomp her. "A Taste of the Heights" • Emma tells him that he's right, and explains that she feels "too guilty", as Regina lost Robin Hood because of her. It is not, I repeat NOT, a seizure, such as an epileptic would have. This further proves that it is in fact Su-yeon under the sink. Cheers, "for posterity". When Sidney asks how, Regina replies that Marian needs to be "removed". "The Cricket Game" • "The Serpent" • This explanation is also supported by the fact that Su-yeon's ghost is present at the scene, under the sink. All she knows is that she heard the noise in Su-yeon's room, that the noise was in fact the wardrobe falling on Su-yeon, and because of her bitterness toward Eun-joo, she chose not to investigate, causing her to not be there for her sister when her sister needed her the most. B. The King throws the bottle over board, and a massive wave capsizes the ship. "Dreamcatcher" • She's lying on her back, with Eun-joo hovering above (now the symbol of the guilt and remorse that so relentlessly chases her). The acting and pacing are superb, and it hides one reveal almost in plain sight to wrongfoot viewers with the real twist. Of course, this required that she have someone to protect her from, therefore, she also creates Eun-joo. Emma tells him she has to do something, and Hook tells her to go ahead, but that he is sure she is avoiding him. (Again, I mean this in a respectful way) Knowing that it would be inappropriate to sleep there with her, he soon gets up to sleep downstairs. Gushing about the house, Belle moves toward a window, and Gold freezes her. ", moment," she admitted. One photo is a group shot including Eun-Joo and Moo-Hyeon (Su-Mi's father) showing that they are all doctors or nurses. She committed suicide in Su-yeon's closet by overdosing and hanging herself. Elsa cuts her off, pointing out that she cannot leave, she is the Queen, and Hans and his "twelve angry brothers" are waiting to pounce on their kingdom at the first sign of weakness. Just a question. He almost seems to look forward to dying. How did Su-yeon actually die? She leaves with this thought in mind, but she just is not quite that cold, therefore, she reconsiders. Snap out of it". Five years after this event, in Arendelle, Elsa and Anna stand before their parents' graves. However, if Su-yeon is a ghost, how could a hallucination of Su-mi possibly control or abuse a ghost? "Bleeding Through" • Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When Eun-joo enters Su-yeon's bedroom, she considers this accident as an opportunity to rid herself of half, (or probably 1/3) of her problem. "Nothing to Fear" • "A Tale of Two Sisters" is the first episode of Season Four of ABC's Once Upon a Time. "Strange Case" • L. DURING THE FLASHBACK, WHEN THE GIRL'S REAL MOTHER IS SEEN IN HER BEDROOM, AND THEN IN THE WARDROBE, WAS THIS REAL? This was a hint as to what the story was going to be about...ridding one's self of feelings of guilt, similar to Pilot washing his hands after he gave Jesus over to be crucified. In short, no, Eun-joo doesn't die. More importantly, keeping with Asian tradition, female ghosts are usually portrayed as long haired and vengeful. (C) The pictures. Try watching this video on www.youtube.com, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser. The guilt and remorse, however, are greater than the therapy. Being inappropriate, he goes downstairs after a while to sleep on the couch. This is evident when Su-mi's aunt, other than Su-mi, claims she saw a girl under the sink during her seizure (which is the ghost of Su-yeon from her green dress and the hair clip). The real Eun-joo appears towards the end of A Tale Of Two Sisters, and while she's still cold, she's not the evil archetype Su-mi imagined her to be. A. This is why she goes through so much trauma, beating herself up with guilt. She was definitely a colleague, as shown in the pictures. Su-mi starts her therapy by creating situations where she can "Be there" for here sister. "The Thing You Love Most" • "Family Business" Could she actually hang herself in such a small place? "Nasty Habits" • He swears to spend his life repaying his son for his sacrifice. Why does the CISCO's command 'enable secret ' produce different hash from MD5? Making one last frantic attempt, she turns the level of self-induced therapy all the way up. Kind of weak, yes, but what else could she say, and the father really wouldn't have any reason not to believe her. The second reason for her appearance is to disguises her identity, as we are not to know yet that Su-yeon is dead. "Quite a Common Fairy" • I can't say that of this response. Reflect now on Su-yeon's death. It took you 2 watches to understand it, yet it's "obvious"? Elsa, carrying the newspaper, hides in an alley near Mr. Gold's pawnshop. I love the eerie feeling given when Su-yeon says "Terri Takoom, Terri Takoom" (not sure if spelled right). The mother's suicide and the dresser scene actually did occur, which means the stepmother actually heard and saw what happened and could have saved Su-yeon but ignored. Now that’s out of the way, a brief introduction. Her stepmother had an affair with a man who had a sick wife and two daughters. This is Su-yeon, at an earlier time. Can smartphones, like iPhone 12 Pro, replace entry-level DSLR cameras? (As to why she's under the sink, refer to question #G). if voltage only affects the volume of the sound wave on an analog signal, what represents the actual sound? Ha! She thought that not being the villain would change her fate, but it hasn't. Anna, still wearing her wedding gown, joins her. "Wake Up Call" • The pair hate their cold stepmother Eun-joo, who was once the nurse for their late mother. I struggle with this one. Sidney gushes, claiming that he knew that Regina kept him around so he could be of service to her, that she hadn't forgotten about him. At a tense family dinner, the stepmother announces she has invited the sister's uncle and his wife to dinner the next day. "Lily" • She asks her sister for two weeks, claiming that Misthaven is a short journey. She tells Kristoff they must go after her, but he refuses. RUN!" "Going Home" In the folktale, the older sister dies first, then the younger. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. This is the sorrow conceived long before birth.". "Fall" • "Quiet Minds" • At the Sorcerer's Mansion, Belle sleeps soundly as Mr. Gold leaves their bed. Not doomed from the beginning, but definetely less likely to survive whatever heartaches might come their way. These two combine to cause a constant fear that this imaginary Su-yeon will die. Although the face value of. Sabine Schoppel is the art department coordinator on the show. Struggling with distance learning? Su-mi's sister Su-yeon, and her step-mother Eun-joo were existent only in Su-mi's mind. At least, until he discovered the dagger, which he removes from his jacket. He then looks back and is unable to resist the temptation to try again. "Mother" • Standing over Su-mi, she has blood running down her leg, then a hand. We know the mother has some psychological issues going on. Elsa tells her that she's more concerned with the Kristoff groom. By logging into your account, you agree to our, I just watched the movie and have some questions...maybe you guys can help me out. It gives the film a much deeper sense of feeling than just knowing that Eun-joo got what was coming to her. He claims the dagger turned him into a power-obsessed monster, when all he needed was his son and his love. Anna reads aloud a passage declaring that Elsa's powers are "terrifying" and that they have to be stopped. But only after lying there a moment, clothed, respectfully reminiscing of something that he knows he has lost-an affectionate father/daughter relationship. When Anna asks what they were hiding, Elsa hands her the open diary, telling her to read it. Was there actually anything supernatural throughout the movie? It is also interesting to note that she can play out the part of any of the three, while imagining the other two.