Gross Domestic Product mysteriously opened in Croydon on Tuesday on the site of a former carpet shop. For two weeks, people can take in Banksy's Gross Domestic Product, a homewares store that is only viewable from the outside.Serving as a showroom for numerous objects, including many based on his famous artwork, the windows house a wide variety of items. Dass Banksy mit dem Online-Shop einen Ausflug in den Kapitalismus wagt, hat einen relativ banalen Grund: ein Rechtsstreit mit Unternehmen, die ohne Lizenzen Banksy-Merchandise verkauft hatten. #Balaclavalamp, Ein Beitrag geteilt von Banksy (@banksy) am Okt 16, 2019 um 8:33 PDT. Born in…, A series of small-scale sculptures that celebrate Formentera’s architecture. To say that San…, Abstract but organic artworks that explore the relationship between the microcosm and macrocosm. Sobald du unsere Push-Nachrichten aktivierst, erhältst Du hier einen Überblick neuer Artikel seit deinem letzten Besuch. The 29-year-old from Croydon told Sky News: "At first I wasn't sure it was Banksy but then I saw people filming it. A thought-provoking publication that explores the worlds within our world. The shop's opening coincides with the auction of "Devolved Parliament," a Banksy painting depicting chimps in session in the British parliament. "So here it is - we hope to offer something for everyone, prices start from £10 but availability will be limited - all of the products are handmade in the UK using existing or recycled materials wherever possible. Stormzy was born in Croydon. Stormzy was born in Croydon. Edition of 5 plus 2 A/P.". After recently announcing the launch of his homeware brand, Gross Domestic Product, Banksy's coinciding online store is now open. Der Laden hat den Namen „Gross Domestic Product“ (zu deutsch: Bruttosozialprodukt) und bietet Banksy-Merchandising zu extrem soliden Preisen an: angefangen bei Tassen mit verschiedenen Motiven, die für zehn Pfund (11,52 Euro) angeboten  werden, Kissen, die für 150 Pfund (172,94 Euro) verkauft werden und ein zur Hälfte geschreddertes T-Shirt, in Anlehnung an das Gemälde, das nach der Versteigerung bei Sotheby’s geschreddert worden war. Bald können sich auch Normalsterbliche einen Banksy leisten – mit etwas Glück. Photographs© Banksy. He writes that he has created the store after a greetings card company tried to take the legal name Banksy and that the artist had been forced to sell his own range of merchandise. The website currently brings up a blank screen with the words "hello gdp2" written in a small font in the top left corner. As well as Stormzy's stab vest, which has a Union Jack design, other artworks in the Croydon shop include a counting toy for children featuring a truck full of figurines of migrants.