If you are going for one of these models, read the security instructions carefully and make sure you’re regularly updating them, as you would with any smart technology product. Forget counting sheep—your toddler will be mesmerized by this star night light until they fall asleep. Worse then that the video ads play anytime you do anything and randomly at night! Durability: the product you are buying must be user-friendly for ease of access. Its good for what i need. Overall this app is great it has timers, different lights, if you turn of data and wifi youget no ads, and it even has sound. You will get great value for your money with the Miccke LED night light product. This product has many bright functions that make it one of the best in the market. to the present and previous customer Colors can change and u can combine with tranquil sound.. it even has lava lamp mode.It has two modes for ads and i had no issues with that. While it doesn’t make any noise when changing position so there’s no risk of this disturbing your baby. Of those we tested, the most all-round model which provided all the basics as well as value for money was the BT smart baby monitor. Plus, they’re made from responsibly sourced wood, meaning they’re eco-friendly. Better yet, these cool night lights are both cute and innovative, so your entire family can get the rest they deserve in style. You can also talk through the monitor to your baby, either to reassure them or remind them to go back to sleep, and it has a range of lullabies to help them sleep. Published November 2018. If a baby rolls onto their tummy or has breathing issues, it’ll also set off a small alert. There’s also infrared night vision and you can set up notifications for sound and movement. Looking around for lamp mode. Best Night Light uses your phone's screen to illuminate a room using any of 3 different light modes - Night Light, Mood Light and Lava Lamp. Buy it: Pottery Barn Kids Truck Night Light, $35, PotteryBarnKids.com. Add to wishlist . To make matters worse the video ads are at full volume and after they play the lullaby volume is reduced by75% so that to be heard you must max the phones volume which of course makes the next video ad horrendously loud. This is a very small issue in the grand scheme of this app, so Im not too worried about it. The product comes with just one button, and this makes it easy to access for toddlers. I would like to set the volume of the songs lower without turning down my phone volume, so I can still hear my alarm in the morning. These can be selected from any light mode, and play until the timer runs out or the light is cancelled. Each mode is customisable and can be set on a timer up to 8 hours, or be left on all night with 'infinite' mode. It stood the range test as well reaching 300m outdoors and 50m indoors. The picture quality, both on the handset and phone, is really clear especially at night when it becomes infrared night vision. For a magical night’s rest, look no further than this whimsical unicorn baby night light. Goline Baby Nightlight is one of the most excellent night light for your feeding baby, which is made of BPA-free washable silicone and comes in a beautiful cat face. Soaiy Sleep Soother Aurora Projection LED Night Light Lamp, 6. It comes with various options of star colors with different sizes to appease the kids. Through its automatic ignition function sensitive to sounds, the nightlight will switch on as soon as the baby starts crying or writhe, and then he'll quickly go back to sleep without the need for you to constantly intervene. Buy it: Easuntec Dinosaur Night Light, from $20, Amazon.com. Beautifully made with your ease and comfort in the mind, this nightlight comes with various light colors that have been scientifically proven to enhance healthy and nonstop sleep. Make panda or sheep sing as you please. Buy it: Luckkid Rotatable Star Projector Night Light, $14, Amazon.com. That’s tough enough on your sleep schedule, but switching on a bright light to get the job done is all the more disruptive. When motion is detected you will be sent an alert to your smartphone app, along with images to show you what’s happening in the room at the time. device on or off. It takes a little work setting it up, with a unit attached to the wall which is placed over the cot, and a sleeping bag you can use to measure your baby’s breathing, but if you’re after a monitor which covers all bases, this is it.