A plant variety pack such as the Florida 10 Species Live Aquarium Plants Bundle starts at $30. All arowana shown are representative of the fish available and not the exact specimen you will receive. As have mentioned earlier in the introduction the silver Arowana fish price is determined by various factors. FIND OUT MORE about the rare Arowana. Prices are subject to changes without any notice depend demand and stock level. The color is the result of a very rare genetic mutation. Hybrid colors developed by breeders also exist. We breed these fish in our breeding facilities, Besides of being one of the biggest exporter of these fish varieties. Required fields are marked *. Stingray Fish Variety. both of these sizes are extremely rare to find in retail stores. This makes it one of the most valuable fish in … Fish Lovers Aquarium Stock/Price List /2020. Sales rose until the early 2000’s as the market began to become flooded. this category covers 11-13 inches length. About Us. This beauteous arowana fetches a pretty Bell, though I'd venture to say that its true price is beyond measure. The arowana fish price for this beauty is in the range of $80,000 to $365,000 dollars. In adulthood, however, these fish become territorial. Adult fish may injure (or eat) each other or other tank mates. Koi Fish Variety. This can create both cost and space issues to be aware of. Fine sand or gravel with live or soft artificial plants is ideal to maximize free-swimming space. these are base prices at places nearer to breeding farms. 6500-7500), Low quality 18 inches Silver Arowana Cost: $100-125 (Rs. Established in 2000, KSF AQUARIUM has made a name for itself in the list of top service providers of Fish Tanks in India. Contact here for Fish Tanks in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. If you are in the market asking for an Arowana it is most likely that the seller will show you this fish. Premium Arowana fishes for WHOLE SALE & RETAIL — AROWANA FISH PRICE LIST. Nicknamed the “dragon fish” by enthusiasts and collectors, the Asian Arowana is endangered in the wild and heavily protected by the Endangered Species Act. Koi Fish Variety. … Please like and share this piece of information with your friend and family and anyone who might be interested in buying a Silver Arowana at an appropriate price. please go through youtube and search for baby silver arowana for sale. We give discount when customer orders more than 3 fishes. Premium Arowana fishes for WHOLE SALE & RETAIL — AROWANA FISH PRICE LIST. How Much Does Cherry Eye Surgery Cost In Dogs. Arowana prices subject to change due to size, condition, time of year, source/supplier, etc etc etc. buy arowana online, arowana for sale online, order arowana online, arowana fish for sale online, buy arowana fish online, order arowana fish online, arowana ... Tung Hu Chilli Red Arowana Price: $ 1,000.00 $ 750.00. But even if keeping is not banned at a federal level, it may be at a local level to control invasive populations. This fish has a value of approximately $400,000. It’s not uncommon for an Arowana to see the shadow of a boat or human along thin muscular shaped head and the tail. AWN Holdings Limited (AWN , formerly Arowana International Limited ) is an Australian based company currently operating 4 business segments i.e. This beauteous arowana fetches a pretty Bell, though I'd venture to say that its true price is beyond measure. Who … Importing Arowana into the U.S. and getting caught can mean fines and/or jail time. Arowana Shop in Germany offers free shipping on orders over $1,000. This page will teach you how to catch a Arowana in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for the Nintendo Switch. Arowana Price. Certified young Silver Arowana 7-10 inches price: $100-150 (Rs. Arowana.co.uk supplies Asian Arowana internationally hand selecting premium quality fish from farms across Asia. Please note that the retail price is dependent upon several factors so these may vary from person to person and location to location. It is the cheapest in price among the variety of Asian arowana due to unattractive colourisation exhibited when in adulthood (3-4 yrs of age). The majority of Arowana sold today are farm-raised or breeder-raised. the rarity of fish and increase in distance will always add up to the final price. most likely you will find some options near you. arowana in California at AmericanListed.com – Classifieds across California. These are the most common initial Arowana costs: The Asian Arowana can grow to be three feet long (silver Arowana can grow even up to four feet) in adulthood and has a lifespan in captivity of as long as 60 years. You will not believe that the current price for one piece of Platinum Arowana can reach more than $400.000. The arowana is an excellent jumper. This Arowana is virtually white with no other colors present, not even on the dorsal surface. Size, colour, breed, scales and several other factors are to be taken under consideration. Planet Arowana in the UK states shipping is charged at £30 per box ($39) with next day delivery. https://www.ebay.com/b/Arowana-Live-Aquarium-Fishes/168141/bn_862044 Aquarists suggest a minimum tank size of 240 gallons for a single adult. Floating food sticks created for Arowana can often enhance adult color. 1000 to 1500 in Indian currency. NorthFin Arowana Formula 500g 3mm Floating Sticks Premium Fish Food. Please contact your nearest reputed aquarium fish dealer that agrees upon to arrange such a beauty. In Asian culture, the Arowana is believed to bring good luck and prosperity. 2500). 8000-10,000). KSF AQUARIUM is listed in Trade India's list of verified companies offering wide array of Fish Tank etc. final cost offered to the customer is dependent on several factors like transportation cost, housing cost, terminal loss compensation, added profit and several other overhead expenses. About Arowana; Our Services; Price List. Chill Red Arowana Fish offered by Universal Trade Ltd is available with multiple payment options and easy delivery. 4500-5500/-) at high demand aquarium stores. Arowana for sale; Shipping and Delivery; Contact Us; Gallery; Email: arowanasaleshop@gmail.com . NorthFin's Arowana sticks are excellent for feeding your arowana fish. But in some circles, the nondescript fish—which is indigenous to the rivers and swamps of Southeast Asia—can grow up to 3 feet long and fetch a price of up to $150,000. Buy low price Chill Red Arowana Fish in Pandalam, Pathanamthitta. Add to Wishlist Add to cart. Your email address will not be published. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. I will try to give a detailed overview of our topic of concern on different aspects like the age, length, size, scale count, colour and different other parameters. Most pet arowana are farmed behind high-security fences. With whole Antarctic krill as its first … next is 12-18 inches silver Arowana. the price of silver Arowana in this is the highest. Guppy Price List Updated / 2020. I have provided all options known to me regarding silver Arowana price. 6. Young Silver Arowana, a silver Arowana is considered young up to the length of 18 inches, so let us talk about fishes falling in this limit. Submit Inquiry. There are several species and four basic color types of Asian Arowana: golden cross-back, super red, red tail golden, and green. Arowana Health & Condition. usually, a foot-long silver Arowana will go for $60-75 (Rs. To every novice to the aquarium world, every newcomer to our magnificent aquatic world or anyone who just knows that… Welcome to TradeFord.com, Join Free ... We can provide you the lowest price. Asian arowana is an endangered species and banned in the United States. The Asian Arowanas: Asian Arowana is the most famous and expensive tropical freshwater fish in the world. Albino Crossback Arowana, One of the most in-demand fish available on the market right now, the Asian Arowana is considered to be a symbol of luck, wealth and p... $ 5,500.00 $ 5,000.00 Availability: In Stock Make sure it fits as much to the criteria set in the checklist below.