Ranging from an abstract demented clown to malfunctioning robots, each of these short stories are sure to entertain. Yokohama (since 2063), 14 million international visitors in 2070 spending 48 billion nuyen, private police forces not allowed outside of exterritorial grounds, 2072: Neo-Tokyo Metropolitan Police supported by Parashield and Petrovski Security, more support personnel than regular police, supplied by Mitsuhama robotics division with vehicles, weapons, drones, ~ 2072: (Rigger X) unusually high activity, (conclusion) corporate security assets recalled to Japan, (speculation) Yakazu-Olaya deal for doll smuggling, decreased city's dependency on any one corporation, covert infrastructure attacks by corporations that have lost influence (i.e. Construction Cancellation Order (directed by Katsuhiro Otomo): A robotic construction crew won't stop working on a cancelled project. Redesignating as “Steampunk” per rules. Running man (dance) Robert Garside, the first person to run around the world, uses the laqab "the Runningman" Barred lambda, a symbol used in phonetic notation; The Running Man … - This film also question the humainty, will,  didication, and the dignity a person can offer. That will question you whether you will embrace the dark side and be part of it or will you leave and take things differently? Urayasu There is no discussion yet for this series. Labyrinth Labyrinthos While Sachi is searching for her cat, Cicerone, they both fall through a mirror and become trapped in a mysterious, mind-bending labyrinth. ネオ東京), formerly Tokyo (jpn. Part 4 The last story, The Order to Stop Construction, is the standout (by the creator of Akira). I only watched the Racing anime - Running man Meikyû monogatari. Nakano Neo-Tokyo. The largest skyscrapers are over 1 kilometer tall (3280 feet) such as Neo-Tokyo Military Hospital. Part 3 Setagaya She views the adult world as strange and oppressive, and the notions of time passing by and inevitability of adulthood and death are unresolved sources of uneasiness for her. Neo-Tokyo is the enormous metropolis where the entire Akira anime and manga series takes place in. Edogawa Aside from its retro vibe the transition of the film fit perfecty with the way the story is delivered. The second story, Running Man, is cool involving paranormal superpowers and racing. Katushika Streamline Pictures released an English-dubbed version under the title Neo-Tokyo. January 1, 2019 11:54 AM Subscribe.             - it is aesthetically beautifull; the color, the animation, the drawing of the characters, and the timeless beauty of the 80's-90's film. Anime-Planet is a site run by fans, for fans. As a child you'll see how chaoticaly colorful and bizzare the world works. Part 2 Toshima Itabashi "Running Man", a segment of the 1987 anime anthology film Neo Tokyo; Other uses. The people of Neo Tokyo were underrepresented and powerless to change anything before, but now the Great Tokyo Empire has leverage against the world: the threat of Akira. Shinagawa The TV set and laughter at the end can be interpreted as the underlying hilarity of life in general, from a more grand and unattached perspective. She plays for a bit as children do, and while meditating on the boring and scary world of adults, she also gets fascinated by it (or her immature concept of it) and wants to chase it down and get a taste of it, as children so often do. The Running Man also took place in the year 2019. Big elevated highways and large pipes connect the city with other islands and mainland … Koto Running can disrupt your camo, make yourself more obvious on motionvision, and generally make you a more obvious target. Nerima The first two stories have some mocking of white-collar life and machismo, respectively; but "Labyrinth" is more overtly satirical, of business and politics. Kita Neo-Tokyo (commonly called Manie-Manie Monogatari) is a collection of three sci-fi stories, based on the stories of Taku Mayumura. The real city of Tokyo and the imagined Neo-Tokyo of the 1988 anime film Akira are nearly indistinguishable. Neo-Tokyo (commonly called Manie-Manie Monogatari) is a collection of three sci-fi stories, based on the stories of Taku Mayumura. Kanda 2019 Neo-Tokyo is about to E.X.P.L.O.D.E. The rest of the world doesn't know that Akira has died, and so will stand aside for fear of retaliation from the Great Tokyo Empire. What an absolutely great and well-executed philosophical ride! First of all I will make this as a quick review. Sumida It serves as both the replacement capital and largest city in Japan. DIRECTX 8 This game, due to the complexity of its textures and props and due to a lack of support for custom shaders, does not support DirectX 8 (or DX8 standard video cards.) The Running Man (directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri): A race driver has telekinetic powers, which go out of control. Arakawa - Transedental; its allegorical ploting, where any age can enjoy. Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets, https://srqure.fandom.com/wiki/Neo-Tokyo?oldid=851, 2006: Tokyo Imperial Palace: proclamation of the Japanese Imperial State, July 2, 2052: awarding of 2056 summer olympics to Tokyo, May 24, 2054: crash of semi-ballistic flight to Tokyo, 119 dead, Yamatetsu relocation: bombing of Yamatetsu Tokyo headquarters supposedly by Alamos 20K, July 28, 2060: Fuchi Industrial Electronics dissolved, 2063: Tokyo restauration / creation of Neo-Toyko, ~ March 2064: enshrinement of assassinated, 2064: Transys Neuronet starts Neo-Tokyo wireless matrix project, 2064: target of Winternight EM pulse bomb, 2069: Monobe International receives emergency medical services contract, 2072: (Sunshine) Yokohama food riots, intervention by Neo-Tokyo police, 20 injured, 2072: population size: 50 million (> 35% of Japan's population), world's largest metropolitan economy at 40 trillion nuyen GDP, over the course of six decades (~2010-2070) formerly Osaka-centered commercial activity has transferred to Neo-Tokyo, all Japanacorps have a presence in the city, Drive-Ware Technologies (Mitsuhama), office, Eastern Tiger Corporation (Japanese division), Pacific Rim Bank and Financial Services Corporation, Neo-Tokyo Contemporary Art Museum (owned by Yakashima Corporation), Neo-Tokyo Botanical Gardens (owned by Yakashima Corporation), Locus Elementum headquarters, three floors of downtown high-rise, ~ 2072: MCT trying to obtain Neo-Tokyo security contract from the emperor, Bakuto no Bakuta (matrix gang), not connected to the Yakuza, shadowrunning sometimes called "The Gaijin's Game", ~2072: bunraku dolls with better programming in Yakuza parlors, drone use in the city above the already high Japanese average, reconstruction-related infrastructure improvements, Amenohoakari, satellite in geosynchronous orbit --, wireless matrix maintained by NeoNET TransAsia, Neo-Tokyo International Aerospaceport (NTIA), also Haneda Aerospaceport, Haneda Airport (Tokyo International) main airport on Honshu, regularly scheduled flights from Vladivostok, flight Tokyo to Tír na nÓg, standard or transorbital, Ipissimus, Mitsuhama megastore for mystical goods, 2050: art project in Tokyo, collaboration of Moira Thorton and Kyoto Nailbiter, ash and pumice from the 2061 Unzen eruption reaches Tokyo, ~ 2070 Wanibuchi-gumi matrix money laundering, MIFD PLTG can be accessed through Shiawase host location in Tokyo, statistic: average building height - 2006: 16.2 meters / 4 stories - 2071: 48.6 meters / 12 stories, exclusion of metahuman athletes announced after the awarding, conflict over exclusion of metahuman athletes, boycott of the games, Yokohama earthquake damages subway tunnels, Emperor creates Neo-Tokyo by merging the city of Tokyo and neighbouring prefectures, Tokyo prefecture merged with Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba prefectures, direct involvement of the Emperor in reconstruction, aims to change the cityscape to affect change in Japanese society, consults Shinto priests, Wujen mages, geomancers, rebuilding directed by an alliance of Emperor, Shinto shamans and kami spirits, allows unprecedented supervision by Shinto priests and local kami, decrees Shinto priest approval for all reconstruction projects, governor of Neo-Tokyo ignored when reconstruction contracts were issued, Shishi Operational Mechanics major participant in reconstruction, March 2064: Mitsuhama announcement: Neo-Tokyo as a wireless city, Transys Neuronet unveils Matrix overlay efforts in downtown, Transys Neuronet contract supported by Empress Hitomi over Shiawase's Vector Matrix Services, moved over the sea by a kami of the Imperial Household, taking over from CrashCart; potentially to punish Evo, Mitsuhama claim: riots show failed Yokohama rebuilding effort, argues for gaining a reconstruction contract, comparison: larger than several industrialized nations, relies on network of surveillance sensors, fast response drones, most police booth (koban) replaced by Matrix kiosk with drone hutch, officers staff train and motorbike patrols, recently supplementary private forces carrying weapons allowed by the emperor, beta test hot spots with I/O speeds of 150-250.