The Avantone CV 12 is a well-constructed piece of equipment. Just a sweet bit of a touch on 10k area. Avantone CV12 Mods. I am no material quality guy. AVANTONE PRO CV-12-BLABlack Lion did an amazing Mod on this mic. !Redesigned in collaboration with Black Lion Audio, the Avantone CV-12-BLA is perhaps the best tube condenser mic in its class. It sounds Awesome! The frequency response changes as you switch across the different patterns. I used many microphones in industry. Avantone Pro CV12 BLA Features: Overhauled circuit tames the mic's high-mid bump for a flatter frequency response; 34mm CK12-styled capsule smooths … But to compare A, B, I had a c414, which I loved, after CV-12 they just feel a little artificial. Although the CV-12 is billed as having a "warm, pleasing sonic character," neither the mic's peaky K67 capsule nor the artifically boosted top end due to a mistake in the circuit are delivering such a sound.. We have several upgrade options for this microphone, including a full capsule/circuit replacement that will allow the CV-12 to rival $2000+ microphones. It has 9 pick-up patterns, as a result of which, recording with this mic is very easy and the true sound of instruments is easily captured. Frequency response is very flat.