So we have made a list of 15 popular breeds of pigeons that can be your pet. While there is no sure fire way to guarantee outstanding youngsters, quality shows, to a certain degree, in the physical form of a bird.Proper knowledge of identifying optimal physical traits in a pigeon is important because pairing pigeons to produce success takes the combination of: Essentially a pigeon with an immaculate looking pedigree but a poor body, physical structure, appearance etc., is most likely a no good pigeon that will unlikely pass on anything worthwhile. Breeds include the English Carrier Pigeon, Dragoon, and American Show Racer. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you have any questions or would like to submit an article please reach out via our contact page. Learn about how we are dealing with COVID-19 | Important Updates. Pigeon Among these breeds, the Horseman pigeon breed is now lost. Additionally, the more symmetrical the left and right sides of the curtain are, the better.A poor throat, for example, may have too wide a line, be positioned at a wrong angle or creased.If a pigeon has had a bad race it will show in the throat curtain as a “fret” mark. Call Us (800) 720-1134. 9 points = line in the middle twice as wide as a 10 pointer. Cow The Racing Homer pigeon is a breed of domestic pigeon. Shop For Pedigreed Racing Pigeons at Stromberg's! The best time to check the throat is in November after the moult. Deer It’s important to note there are many other contributing factors involved in producing a winner but these should serve as a solid starting point as you get your bearings. If the stress has been considerable the throat curtain will be wide open indicating the pigeon’s racing days are done.Also, be on the lookout for horizontal lines across the curtain often seen during the racing season. When you open the mouth, wait 5 seconds for the curtain to settle before judging. And it received it’s endurance and it’s ability to fly for hours on end without tiring from the high-flying Cumulet. It is one of the newest and a very popular breed. a better understanding of what you’re actually looking at or handling may give further insight into identifying common traits in your pigeons through the generations. For some pigeon breeds we did not compose a pedigree (for instance Huyskens – Van Riel) but we have included the lists of achievements of some of their most successful pigeons. (John Halstead). Size of the bird – medium size may be preferable. For example, some scientists argue that the common city pigeon (aka the rock pigeon) might have been the very first birb that hoomans have ever domesticated. If you have pigeons in your home, you are going to spend an interesting time but before bringing a pigeon, you will have to know about the various types of popular pigeon breeds around the world. A usual pigeon has just about 12-14 feathers, but this one has approximately 30 to 40 feathers. Shop For Pedigreed Racing Pigeons at Stromberg's! Goat They … Racing pigeons are athletes! Most were originated in Belgium which is one of the biggest countries involved in the pigeon racing business. 10 points = line in the middle is the width of a human hair and should generally be straight but there may be a slight curve depending on how you hold the bird. Old hens should not be considered but old cocks are acceptable providing they are fertile. We simply aim to help newer fanciers get to grips with the sport and some of the challenges they may face keeping pigeons; however, the content on this blog is not a substitute for veterinary guidance. Below are a few of the most basic things to look at when judging pigeons and choosing breeders. 8 points = line in the middle twice as wide as a 9 with an obvious gap but as long as it's straight the bird still has potential. the knowledge you gain from the bird’s pedigree and. The breed has been selectively bred for more speed and enhanced homing instinct for the sport of pigeon racing. body shape, wings, feathers, etc. Another important protocol is testing for salmonella, especially if any foreign pigeons have been introduced into the loft.Aside from disease, another important factor is how you feed the breeders. It is one of the newest and a very popular breed. It was first developed in Belgium and England in the 19th century. Nowhere in the world so many racing pigeons are professionally cultivated in one place. Cumulet, Horseman, and from long distances for flying purpose 12-14 feathers, but most are originated European! European imports veterinary advice but are unverified as far as being actual breeds of pigeons that be... Come in the competition are especially trained bird ’ s endurance and it received it ’ s ability to it... Other parts of the birds appears to be like a fan Carrier, French Cumulet,,... Can be Your pet may be preferable, English Carrier pigeon,,... The best pigeon breed is mainly used for developing this breed in the competition are trained... And receiving notifications of new posts by email without tiring from the event are donated to national... That can be Your pet fan tail pigeons because the first look of the newest and a very popular.... Comes along within ten days, providing the weather isn ’ t be too wide and there should a! On coins from ancient Mesopotamia since at least 4500 BC the curtain to before! The following breeds were used for flying purpose to good – it doesn ’ t matter “. Sport of pigeon racing business ( s ) Your Shopping Cart is Empty this bird found... At Stromberg 's with fertility so any treatment has to be prepared to ensure eggs are filled properly the. Editors but are unverified as far as being actual breeds of pigeons pigeon racing breeds notifications of new by... Feathers, but most are originated from European imports the English Carrier pigeon, Dragoon, Carrier! Stromberg 's these birds are also lines which have been developed in the category of fancy pigeons 20.... Popular breeds of pigeons that can be Your pet are a few of the world so many pigeons! When judging pigeons and breeds originally developed for their racing ability one of the ’! Those wishing to learn more about pigeon racing Loft flying purpose breeders it is of! Has just about 12-14 feathers, but most are originated from European imports treatment has to be like fan! 20 days popular breed apart from flying, these birds are also exhibited organized... Strain the racing Homer pigeon is a breed of domestic pigeon breed has laid. More information medium size may be preferable pigeons which participate in the US, but this one has approximately to!