I've been trying to get my hands on the FG5/FGX5 to see how much better they are than the FG3… I've been trying out a bunch of Martin, Taylor, Gibson, Larrivee, etc., and the Yamaha's were easily the best, IMO. Pricing is as follows (all prices are MSRP): FG3/FS3: $1,275.00; FGX3/FSX3: $1,585.00; FG5/FS5: $1,900.00; FGX5/FSX5: $2,320.00; The FG3 and FGX3 models will ship with a hard bag; the FG5 and FGX5 models with a hardshell case. This series in particular pays homage to the first of the Japanese built Yamaha production acoustic guitar model dating back to 1966 – the FG180. Really nice, balanced sound that projects very well. Yamaha FG Red Label guitars will ship in the summer of 2019. I've been wanting to try the FG5/FS5 (and their acoustic-electric versions) to compare, but haven't had a chance to get my hands on one. For more information: Yamaha I don't own either brands, but lately I've been going into stores trying different guitars to see what I might get next, and the Yamaha FG3/FGX3 blew me away. I prefer the sound of mahogany back and sides over rosewood. The new FG/FS Yamaha Red Label folk guitars – in what seems like almost every release of Yamaha guitars these days – claim to harness the style of classic guitars, with a few modern additions. The FG5 Red Label's bone nut and saddle provide a more efficient transfer of energy from the strings to the neck and body. Not the kind of specs I'd expect from a Yamaha, and in that price range ($1199 US/$1499 Canada). The new FG5 and FGX5 (w/ pickup) are all solid wood (Spruce top, Mahogany back/sides/neck) with bone nut/bridge and ebony fretboard.