Y�8��(0m��qH(M �^P۝�c�����',8�з�.NS΀\:��s. That’s it! The official rules are usually modified for recreational, youth and indoor leagues, and the number of players, offside, and other things can vary. Ball sizes, length of games, field sizes and rules vary by age group. Those variances do not apply to the state level of US Youth Soccer National Championship or Regional or National League competitions. Be encouraging instead of discouraging. Among the usual rule changes made by youth soccer leagues are game lengths, the number of players on each team, field sizes for various age groups, substitutions, and offside rules are usually not enforced for younger ages. For instance field sizes, ball sizes, length of games & rules vary by age group. In youth soccer, ball size is adapted by age group (size 3 for U6-U8, size 4 for U9-12, and size 5 for U13 and up). x��Z�n�H}7��Gr0j��Pl'�Eg--Af����%�DO�ߪ&)�&e���fD&�E�S���nr8Z��e6-�/�Ge�M���|�Y��������6~ή�EV��p|��ġ��e��~���9=!�9>b��?�,'�h���)N� �������������h��G�"���#f���hK�#��z7��j &W���g�&S���dr��p��O��$�J*��Cr?wשO�T'k?�q��I&�8>:.�<>:��V�:��(�L��$�j�`)W�T{���H�D��LY�T���a6�y��!BF���g��H��1,f�R�D�(ZP$�$��y�` A State Association may permit variances in Rules 104 and 205 of this policy in the best interest of developing the sport within the jurisdiction of the State Association. <> Rule 3 - Number of Players Normally 11, but may be as few as 7 including the goalkeeper. Let the coach do his/her job. U.S. <> Soccer Rules are also called the "Laws of the Game ". BSA Youth Adaptations allow for a minimum of 5 players at ages U7 and U8. MHRML League Rules 2019-2020 SGM Approved 07.08.2019 HFA Approved 12/08/2019 Page 3 STANDARD CODE OF RULES FOR MINI SOCCER AND YOUTH FOOTBALL Soccer is essentially an easy sport with pretty simple rules to understand (except for offside!). <>/Metadata 2711 0 R/ViewerPreferences 2712 0 R>> 2 0 obj 4 0 obj The official soccer rules are called the "Laws of the Game" and are revised annually and published by FIFA, which is the world soccer governing body. Check with your League or Club to see if they have modified the official rules. Youth organizations usually adjust the rules to fit children. %PDF-1.7 Some youth leagues encourage games with less than 11 players to help in the development of young players. US Soccer registers over 3,000,000 youth soccer players between the ages of five and nineteen. endobj One player from each team must be designated as a goalkeeper. Youth organizations almost always modify the official soccer rules. %���� Rule 106. Don’t yell at the coach. stream Youth Soccer notes that rules for goalkeepers conform to FIFA rules with the exception that if a goalie kicks or punts in the air from her penalty area to the opponents’ penalty area, the opposing team receives an indirect free kick at the center spot on the halfway line. Be supportive and do not put too much pressure on your kid. endobj 3 0 obj endobj <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> ... Now that you know enough simple soccer rules to cheer at the right times, let’s move on to some rules for soccer parents. ���2��-���>$��"�FyN�6����v}oW�2��G�H�Z���a�CD�z���C�f&`��cA��J�a�9~���� ��n���Rk��\�Ja؏���6�ۊ���������+���.��ЊzI�Q-a2����Ǔ���=4Y�o��=Z 1 0 obj The object is to score in the opponent’s goal without using your hands are arms, more often than your opponent does in yours. The goalkeeper must wear a different color shirt from his teammates so that everyone can easily distinguish the goalie.