imagelinks[25]="meninblackinternational.html" imagelinks[22]="wolf.html" imagelinks[26]="mollysgame.html" imagelinks[10]="desperatelyseekingsusan.html" imagelinks[6]="sully.html" var myimages=new Array() Random Adverts Link Script myimages[26]="adverts2020/advert2020mollysgame.jpg" var ry=Math.floor(Math.random()*myimages.length) Backroads | imagelinks[9]="crocodiledundee2.html" apartment balcony. imagelinks[8]="thedevilwearsprada.html" blocks south of the fictional address. Which brings us to the voyeuristic heart of the matter: Morgan Court’s surveillance system, positively low-tech compared with Sliver‘s 50-screen extravaganza. imagelinks[19]="johnwick.html" Blinde Wut | [1], Das Lexikon des internationalen Films urteilte: „Ausschließlich an der sensationellen Perspektive des Voyeurismus interessierter Film, der in erotischen und kriminalistischen Platitüden und Klischees erstickt.“[2]. myimages[5]="adverts2020/advert2020shortcuttohappiness.jpg" imagelinks[2]="secondact.html" random_imglink() myimages[11]="adverts2020/advert2020thegirlonthetrain.jpg" myimages[23]="adverts2020/advert2020liveandletdie.jpg" The ''Sliver'' building -- New York City's Morgan Court on Madison Avenue plays the part of Sharon Stone's apartment in the sexy new thriller. The actual building used in the film is known as Morgan Court, located at 211 Madison Avenue, one block west and two blocks south of the fictional address. imagelinks[27]="motherhood.html" It was built in the 1980s and has 32 floors. Address: 211 Madison Avenue, Manhattan. Zeke maybe the serial killer responsible for the murders in the apartment building and that she may have been the Above Suspicion, Vorlage:Metacritic/Wartung/Fehlender Kenner in Wikidata,, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. var myimages=new Array() myimages[13]="adverts2020/advert2020theproposal.jpg" imagelinks[24]="manhattan.html" myimages[6]="adverts2020/advert2020breakfastattiffanys.jpg" if (ry==0) Der Knochenjäger | //specify random images below. Soon after moving into the complex, she imagelinks[2]="../greatestfilmscenes.html" One of its advantages was the 24th-floor duplex with wraparound windows that posed, in some scenes, as Sharon Stone's pad. the voyeuristic building owner, unaware that he had secretly wired the apartment building with hidden cameras and laundry room, where one character gets trapped. Long Walk Home | var imagelinks=new Array() function random_imglink(){ var ry=Math.floor(Math.random()*myimages.length) imagelinks[11]="thegirlonthetrain.html" myimages[15]="adverts2020/advert2020thesevenyearitch.jpg" myimages[25]="adverts2020/advert2020mibinternational.jpg" imagelinks[28]="naomiandelysnokisslist.html" Additional Film Locations: Sliver. imagelinks[16]="threemenandalittlelady.html" imagelinks[10]="thefamilyman.html" myimages[7]="adverts2020/advert2020thebountyhunter.jpg" imagelinks[4]="sexandthecity.html" The film stars Sharon Stone, William Baldwin //specify corresponding links below Die Stunde der Patrioten | Schatten eines Pfaus | imagelinks[21]="lastnight.html" imagelinks[14]="focus.html" ry=1 Random Adverts Link Script Carly Norris lives in a stylish apartment building in midtown Manhattan. Berardinelli schrieb, der Film würde wegen der „aufdringlichen“ („intrusive“) Musik und des „verwirrenden“ („distracting“) Schnitts wie die MTV-Produktionen wirken sowie zu den schlechtesten Filmen des Jahres 1993 gehören. The Madison Avenue building was spotted by one of the film’s location managers as she jogged down the street, and it became producer Robert Evans’ only choice. Similarly, the actual residents of Morgan Court — mostly business executives — keep a lower profile than the movie’s flashy, gossipy tenants. /* You can have as many as you wish var ry=Math.floor(Math.random()*myimages.length) James Berardinelli bezeichnete auf ReelViews die Verfilmung, die zahlreiche Elemente der Romanvorlage von Ira Levin veränderte, als eine „Metzgerarbeit“. } imagelinks[11]="exposed.html" learnt that the previous tenant, who bore a great resemblance to Carly, died in a mysterious fall from the myimages[24]="adverts2020/advert2020manhattan.jpg" myimages[17]="adverts2020/advert2020unfaithful.jpg" myimages[30]="adverts2020/advert2020nineandahalfweeks.jpg" /* EW checked out the Manhattan location where Sliver was shot to get the lowdown about its high rise. Salt | Young publishing executive Carly takes an apartment in an exclusive "sliver" building in New York, only to learn that the previous tenant, who bore a great resemblance to Carly, died in a mysterious fall from the apartment balcony. } Hitchhiker IV | Sliver | random_imglink() myimages[10]="adverts2020/advert2020thefamilyman.jpg" imagelinks[9]="thefamily.html" myimages[15]="adverts2020/advert2020friendswithbenefits.jpg" myimages[6]="adverts2020/advert2020sully.jpg" imagelinks[17]="howtolosefriends.html" myimages[1]="adverts2020/greatnycfilmscenes1.jpg" Good Afternoon | imagelinks[19]="whathappensinvegas.html" //--> imagelinks[13]="theproposal.html" In the apartment building, Carly meets two of her new neighbors, author Jack Lansford who writes thriller novels and Zeke Hawkins, the handsome owner of the apartment building. Random Adverts Link Script otsoNY Comments: According to the film, the tall and narrow sliver building is located at 113 East 38th Street in /* The actual building used in the film is known as Morgan Court, located at 211 Madison Avenue, one block west and two myimages[17]="adverts2020/advert2020howtolosefriends.jpg" imagelinks[4]="blackswan.html" } if (ry==0) myimages[21]="adverts2020/advert2020lastnight.jpg" Der Regisseur war Phillip Noyce, die Hauptrollen spielten Sharon Stone, William Baldwin und Tom Berenger. random_imglink() */ imagelinks[7]="cafesociety.html" ry=1 Carly Norris is a book editor living in New York City who moves into the Sliver apartment building. The building’s managing agent, Ann Gregory, concedes that Hollywood’s version of Manhattan domestic life is a bit exaggerated but adds philosophically, ”every building has its secrets.”. Hitchhiker I |