. . Sofie's relationship with Luke, a medic returned from Afghanistan and fighting PTSD, is tender, not overly sexualized. Carey begins with her early childhood on Long Island in the 1970s, when she used music as a form of escapism and distraction. This book took me a few chapters to get into, but I enjoyed it. It is a story of a man returning to life after war. Soon after atomic bombs exploded over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, MGM set out to make a movie studio chief Louis B. Mayer called “the most important story” he would ever film: a big budget dramatization of the Manhattan Project and the invention and use of the revolutionary new weapon. Read an excerpt from Greg Mitchell's The Beginning or the end, the shocking behind-the-scenes story of how the White House and Pentagon scuttled Hollywood's first a-bomb epic. Excellent research and rich dialogue give Mitchell’s book a novelistic flair as he recounts the battles between MGM and the military over actor choices, deletions, revisions, and retakes concerning fact vs. fiction”—Kirkus Reviews “This intriguing, behind-the-scenes look at a disjointed creative partnership is sure to be of interest to readers of history and cinema”—Library Journal, “This captivating look at the making of a 1947 docudrama about the U.S. decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan shows how far Hollywood would go to get the public waving the American flag”—Shelf Awareness, “Fascinating but also, weirdly, enjoyable to read”—Harry Shearer, “Greg Mitchell’s The Beginning or the End is an engrossing, wry, and always lively look behind the scenes of a historic Hollywood flop. That statement, of course, is open to debate. Magazine Subscribers (How to Find Your Reader Number). Sign up to receive newsletters and event invitations. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Her picture books include LUIS PAINTS THE WORLD … In comparison, this book reads like an extended acknowledgements page; the author is grateful to those who helped him, but he rarely expresses the sensation of meeting and overcoming obstacles along his journey. OH. Perhaps that's because she's been separated from her mother for so many years. Her novels include THE GOOD BRAIDER, a YALSA and SLJ Best Book for young adults and EITHER THE BEGINNING OR THE END OF THE WORLD. Trouble signing in? Pre-publication book reviews and features keeping readers and industry Brown definitely would be more in the pessimist camp on aging (move over, Philip Roth, you have company) despite some feeble attempts to point out its virtues. Her Cambodian mother and Grandmother come to live with her when her dad needs to move his boat to Va. Compare book prices from over 100,000 booksellers. He asked if she thought a “movie could be planned and produced to successfully impress upon the public the horrors of atomic warfare.” Mitchell sets his tale up as a series of battles. Loved it. I had hoped that the book would contain much wisdom, but I was disappointed. Sophie has to navigate the troubled waters of both her new b. Sophie lives with her dad, a fisherman in New Hampshire. I loved "A Boy in the Moon: A Father's Search for his Disabled Son," the nakedly honest story of his severely disabled son, Walker. Really mixed feelings about this memoir on the writer's experiences after turning 60. He was focused on authenticity and finding his true voice, an approach further inspired by his relationship with Lisa Bonet. It gives a detailed view of both the Hiroshima bombing and the Hollywood worked. The spare and haunting prose style added to that oppressive sadness. I appreciate that he is struggling with the inevitability of aging but I feel you become what you think about all day, and Brown is looking for things that make him unhappy -- age spots, memory lapses, a reduced sex drive. Dnf'd. Refresh and try again. A very enjoyable read about the trials of turning sixty - humorous and informative, but mostly humorous, I found it laugh-out-loud funny often enough to annoy my kids. Well written, e. This is a story of a young 16 year old girl from New Hampshire who lives with her fisherman father. At times, I was pleased to see that I have not yet experienced what Brown has confronted. Maybe I am getting so close to 70 that people belly-aching about turning 60 just seem like sissies. Please try your request again later. . Poignant and introspective, Brown has a gift for the pen and brings readers into his thoughts on the physical, emotional and philosophical upheaval of aging. I just now finished reading this book by Ian Brown, a diary that he wrote when he turned sixty years old. He says while he and his wife may not have sex as much, their "companionship gets greener and wide, more forgiving." He also shows tremendous insecurity at times about his physical appearance and the general physical decline of bodies with age, which he describes in almost too much detail! There's a lot of romance in this book, and many secrets as well, which person, in my opinion, keeps the book interesting and it leaves you on a cliffhanger! What truths will she learn about life along the way? Perhaps we could agree that the book is presented in an epistolary manner. Read a review of The Beginning or the End in Publishers Weekly. It is not case-sensitive. Please try again. Carey is at her best when her outspoken personality shines through, as when describing numerous “diva” moments or her harsh regrets about the “collision of bad luck, bad timing, and sabotage” that characterized the making of her disastrous film Glitter. Through the New Hampshire Humanities Council, Terry leads literacy programs with refugee and immigrants. I would have chosen him as my doctor anyway because he fits my criteria: young enough to not die or retire while I'm still likely to need him and yet not so young he's Dougie Hauser material. I could feel Portsmouth come alive around me in Farish's story, and I can picture Johnny going on fishing trips and coming back. Be the first to ask a question about Sixty. While the film bombed at the box office‚ Mitchell’s rich account of its making and larger implications should draw both history buffs and those concerned with the continuing issues around nuclear weapons”—Publishers Weekly, “[Greg Mitchell] uses his sharp investigative reporting skills to unearth this detailed, behind-the-scenes story about Hollywood’s first movie on the atomic bomb. . Interesting look at the fishing industry in New England, Also really good interaction between Luke the Army medic just back from Afghanistan and Sofie a fisherman's daughter and the daughter of an a Cambodian Immigrant. Greg Mitchell’s new book The Beginning or the End… with In mid-December 1945, the New York Times published a story about the “Hollywood Atom Sweepstakes.” Wallis eventually dropped out of the race. It's a thoughtful book, though, with a strong sense of place and history (New Hampshire, Cambodia, a. Technically this isn't a verse novel, but it might as well be, since it reads more like poetry than prose, with spare language, a lot of symbolic imagery, and a wandering, internal narrative. We also begin to lose our memory and our judgment is not as sharp as it used to be. The language is lovely and evocative, but I also found it distancing, obscuring the characters rather than revealing them, when going deep into a character (or characters) is everything to a story like this. The text lacks the grit and deeper, soul-baring substance of notable recent music memoirs by the likes of Carrie Brownstein, Patti Smith, and Flea. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Maybe I am just burnt out on funny books about aging. “A fascinating and brilliantly researched account of how Hollywood and Washington grappled with how to portray and profit from the new nuclear age. However, Sophie’s father absolutely forbids the relationship. We’d love your help. The New Press is a nonprofit public-interest book publisher. RELEASE DATE: Oct. 6, 2020. Unable to add item to List. I am slightly older then the author and was curious about his experiences and perspectives given that we are both in our 60s.