Deadpool would win. He dodged a team of Navy Seals full automatic fire at a distance and up close. Riapparirà brevemente per portare il presidente al sicuro. Vamp(Filter Chamber 2)-You will not be able to shoot out the lights in extreme mode. Hmm, lets see,  Healing: This is debatable. Acerca de vamp_mgs2. I also can definitely confirm on certain playthroughs depending on PS2 clock time, you might get all hostages aside from Ames replaced with old ladies as some sort of silly easter egg.) On harder difficulties you have to wake him up as his dumb ass is sleeping right in front of the generator and blowing it up, also blows him up. Riapparirà sui camminamenti fra le due strutture di Big Shell, venendo colpito in testa e rispedito in acqua da Raiden, ma ferirà mortalmente Emma, la quale morirà poco dopo. (I remember hearing a million things about this part. That's also something that keeps him from being a better merc, according to Taskmaster in the fight where Deadpool was chained up and won. You can carry less items. La sua ultima apparizione la si vedrà a Shadow Moses, nella base del REX, dove Snake lo incapaciterà e gli inietterà un soppressore delle nanomacchine bloccandolo col CQC. Vamp riapparirà in Metal Gear Solid 4, come secondo in comando di Liquid Ocelot. Questa pagina è stata modificata per l'ultima volta il 22 ago 2020 alle 08:17. Appare per la prima volta in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty e, successivamente, in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Il presidente degli Stati Uniti George Sears (Solidus Snake), durante il suo mandato, decide di formare una squadra di elementi con capacità speciali, che chiamerà Dead Cell, di cui Vamp farà parte; in lui saranno installate le nanomacchine, così i suoi poteri saranno ampliati, in quanto aveva già la possibilità di rigenerarsi molto in fretta e, con le stesse nanomacchine, la velocità aumenta drasticamente così che tutti pensino che sia immortale. I think that unless Vamp can stay focused, Deadpool wins. If you jump in don't worry about rank and just explore it. Vamp è un personaggio della saga di Metal Gear ideata da Hideo Kojima.Appare per la prima volta in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty e, successivamente, in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.Vamp è anche un personaggio giocabile nello spin-off Metal Gear Online.Il suo nome non è riferito ai suoi poteri, che hanno le tipiche caratteristiche dei vampiri, bensì alla sua bisessualità. @enemybird: He didn't even lift 10 tons or never showed the feat. Enemies have more health I think, they definitely do more damage. etc. Vamp is just insane. Fatman's boss fight he plants more C4, hides them UNDER the containers more often, and I think he can even start the timer early if I remember right, instead only after he's done setting all packs of c4. Solidus raduna tutto il vecchio gruppo che farà da guardia al nuovo presidente statunitense, ovvero James Johnson. mgs mgs2 metal gear solid sons of liberty metal gear solid 2 there we go now i can do my regular tags my art art image scheduled feb 17 i dont really like it but theres a chance others will so like here it is boys raiden emma otacon snake solidus fortune vamp olga to delete maybe i draw super often but only really show like two people and even then its like. He did fight against a multi hundred tonner so that might be the reason mayan is saying vamp is that strong. Afterwards, Vamp will fall to his knees on the floor, equip the Syringe (if needed Press L2 and you'll see how to use it on enemies) and then when Vamp stands up again (you'll noticing his health bar coming back up) use a CQC Grab and then press Triangle, and the Syringe will go into his neck, ending the fight. I also THINK, but can't confirm, might even be wrong, but it's possible the mines in the "We managed to avoid drowning" section home in on you on harder difficulties, or there's more of them. I'm sure there's more that I'm not thinking of. Caution Mode definitely lasts longer, I'm sure of this. @mayan_fist: You got that somewhat wrong. Stile di combattimento ed equipaggiamento,, licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione-Condividi allo stesso modo. I coltelli sono la sua unica arma e oltre alla mira precisa dell'immortale, il punto più forte è il potere dei coltelli stessi, che possono immobilizzare l'avversario rendendolo una preda facile. Supposedly he's ALWAYS in the same exact spot ONLY on your first playthrough, and any afterwards he's randomized. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty is a stealth game developed and published by Konami for the PlayStation 2 on November 13, 2001. Deadpool is VERY close though. Vamp ha uno stile unico e altamente spettacolare. Vamp completely owned Raiden, had him on his knees and was about to kill him with his own sword before Raiden took it and stabbed Vamp. Riapparirà nella struttura centrale di Big Shell sul lato B, dove cercherà di impedire a Raiden di arrivare a Emma Emmerich, la sorella di Hal Emmerich (Otacon) ma fallirà poiché il demone bianco lo spedirà nell'acqua contaminata. On harder difficulties you can choose to play where one red alert equals a game over but that is completely optional. But because you're hanging over the rail, he won't attack with darts, or leap around like he normally does (since you're shielded from his darts by the rail). Not sure if he can even hold up 50 tons but all I know is he got good speed and regeneration. Beyond the Impossible: In MGS2, he manages to swim in water that has been so heavily oxygenated that it's completely non-buoyant. Thanks, I'm not going to push myself to the limits with MGS2. A camera moves back and forth in the Tanker on harder difficulties rather than staying still. as raiden and emma make their way down a 100 ft ladder...they meet trouble along the oil bridge Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty is a stealth game developed and published by Konami for the PlayStation 2 on November 13, 2001. Really, Vamp only gets the edge because he'll most likely be taking this more seriosuly then Deadpool. Deadpools body would crumble and implode a bit if he got hit by Vamp. Bear in mind, as far as speed goes, Vamp was able to run on water, run vertically up a silo, and spin so fast with his blades that it deflected automatic fire from a team of SEALs (MGS2). Enemy room clearings are more thorough possibly, I read they always toss flashes in on Euro Extreme, but I never really seen it happen on Hard or Extreme. You fight more Metal Gear Rays. I'm about to play through it again, because it's almost Big Shell Day. Deadpools body would crumble and implode a bit if he got hit by Vamp. Metal Gear Solid 2 HD - Vamp Boss Fight - Gameplay - YouTube Vamp is good but Wade takes it. You fight 25 RAYS before the cutscene. Wow, it's awesome you went out of your way to research and post this long list. Vamp will swim around in the water for a while, and eventually surface to attack you. Vamp possessed unquestioning loyalty to Dead Cell, and to its lead… I found MGS challenging on normal, but very enjoyable on easy (it's funny how I can S-rank any mission in MGSV, but can't beat the Tank on my first try). @whydoievenbother: I suggest looking at Vamp and Raiden fighting on top of Rex. Only Magic Nanomachines can kill vamp =/ i think this is going to be a stalemate,  Unless Drinking Deadpool's blood would kill him =p. More control boxes to shoot on the SEMTEX bridge. Vamp probably would win. I.E. vs wolverine  vs warpath¤t=Hulk15017.jpg¤t=Hulk15018.jpg  vs daredevil and silver sable  slaughters 100 ninjas  vs wolverine again [wolverine doesnt have his healing factor but its still a great display of skill for wade  vs wolverine again and actually has the advantage this time  actually beats juggernatu  owns taskmaster  while tied up   does well against ironfist disguised as daredevil  vs sabretooth  vs the xmen  and what does vamp have?